Things I Enjoy (Part 1)

Because it is sometimes daunting to only write about your life (my life is fascinating, I just don’t want to constantly rub it in your face), I started to think about other awesome things.  SO, due to a large amount of feel-goodery in the entertainment realm as of late, I thought I would post some stuff that is rad as shit.  And, it’s rad because I say so, so shut up and watch it.  Here a-we-a-go…

Photosource: Judy **

1. “Project Five” from a bunch of famous lady directors actually looks amazing (and it’s on Lifetime! Who knew?) Click to view!
2. “50/50” with some actors I don’t necessarily love, but with a premise that seems awesome Watch here!
3. “The Help” – not the movie, the book! Rejected! (but it gets awesome and is about tenacity)
4. “James Face” is an internet sensation and I am obsessed with it. You have to look at all of these.
5. “Batman Vanishing” – I am including this one because it’s hilarious until 1:30. It goes well beyond that, but it’s worth watching until then.
6. “Auditions” It’s never. too. late. I love her.
7. “X-Factor” The adorable, amazing, muthafuckin’ power of intention .
8. “Olympics” – And finally, bawl your fucking eyes out.

Feel good with these examples of things I enjoy.  They are all fun BECAUSE I SAY SO.

Moral of the story – All of yours are base.